Dr Kens | What Should I Do to Hire for a Marketing Position?
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What Should I Do to Hire for a Marketing Position?

When it comes to marketing staffing, the majority of companies prefer to build in-house marketing departments. The logic is simple: All organizations are more keen to work with someone who aligns with the company’s culture, vision, and values. Sure enough, a full-time marketer is more invested in the business’ success than an external marketing agency.

However, a rare recruiting agency does not struggle when looking for a marketing specialist. Due to the industry’s peculiarities, finding a good marketer can be a challenge. To identify an expert who can grow your business and explore new opportunities, you need to be aware of the sector’s unique features.

Marketing Staffing Top Challenges

Outdated hiring processes and ongoing change in technology constitute the main challenges in marketing recruitment. 

When leafing through CVs and Cover Letters, you can come across things like “I grew online traffic from x% to z% in a month” or “I increased our social media following by x%”. Even if these statements are true, there is no guarantee that the applied practices can yield the same results for your business. To ward off marketers with outdated knowledge, a recruiting firm needs to know the latest trends and practices. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask Too Many Questions

Some marketers are good at throwing buzzwords without going into detail. That is why a competent staffing agency knows that marketing recruiting requires an in-depth interview. 

When talking about the candidate’s achievements, ask how she or he achieved them. To understand someone’s marketing expertise, you need to know how the person in front of you has contributed to the company’s growth. 

Excellent Marketers Might Not Have Higher Education

To become the best marketing talent, one does not need to go to Harvard. In fact, school does not teach online marketing. The beauty of all things digital is that the best resources are available online. 

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and universities cannot keep up with its pace. Even Ivy League graduates do not know everything there is to know about the subject. In reality, practice and experience are much more indicative of someone’s success in marketing than theory-based education.

Set Up a Hiring Process with a Staffing Firm

In order to avoid generic questions and wrong test assignments, only marketers should interview marketers. If your team does not have a marketing specialist, you can delegate marketing recruiting to an experienced staffing company. 

A knowledgeable expert knows how to ask the right questions and gives relevant exercises to an interviewee. Besides, the marketing specialist can make sure that the completed exercise and answers are up to standard.

Hiring Marketers Can Be Easy

Hiring marketers does not have to be hard. To make the process easier for both employers and employees, companies need to keep up with the latest developments and trends.

To be successful in marketing staffing, rely less on resumes and formal interviews, and focus more on results the candidates have achieved previously. Only with the right approach, you will be able to find a really good marketing expert.