Dr Kens | Things to Know about Engineering Recruitment
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Things to Know about Engineering Recruitment

Engineers analyze, invent, design, build and test various machines and systems to create the world we live in today. Whether an engineer is working on a zipper or a spacecraft, creating a new product requires knowledge and expertise. To qualify as an engineer, a specialist needs a bachelor’s degree and four to six years of peer-reviewed professional practice.

As may be expected, open engineering positions exceed the number of available candidates. With the 0.9 percent unemployment rate, finding the perfect hire is a challenge to any engineering recruiter. If you are looking for engineering talent, be ready to fight against companies that retain employees by providing workers with exceptional professional opportunities. Here is how:

Create a Database of Niche Engineers

There are many branches of engineering, with each specializing in specific technologies and solutions. Before an employment agency can proceed with engineering recruiting, it is vital to acquire an adept understanding of the industry. Only after the recruiter becomes familiar with all the details, he or she can create a database of niche specialists.

Having a database is essential for engineering recruiting experts. Even if you do not hire a candidate, good relationships within your network may lead to great referrals from engineers who did not end up in your team.

Provide Enough Information when Reaching Out

Engineers are in high demand, so your offer needs to stand out. Mention the projects your applicants could be working on. After all, engineers are critical thinkers who are passionate about solving problems.

A staffing firm needs as much information as possible about the company and the job to explain to the candidate what he or she would be working on, and how the interview process is going to proceed.

Set Up an Interview Supervised by an Engineering Recruiter

If you are not an engineer, identifying a potential hire can be challenging. To see the whole picture during the screening process, get help from an experienced recruiting firm. A team of experts will gladly guide you through.

With specialized help, you will prepare technical questions and tests that will make you understand whether the candidate is capable of solving the problem you are working on.

Do Not Hang Fire

Hiring an engineer means acting swiftly. Otherwise, you risk to let potential hires slip away. Your candidates have dozens of opportunities, and if you linger, they will land another job.

However, do not rush things as an engineer can make or break your company. Make an informed decision but do not take too long to close the deal. The talent pool is limited, and you need to know how to make the best experts join your team.

Outsource Recruitment to a Staffing Agency

Finding the right engineer is not an easy task. If your HR department has never hired such a specialist before, it makes the most sense to delegate this task to a recruitment firm. Engineering recruiters will find and screen the applicants and set up interviews with the brightest candidates.

Finding a fix for the bottleneck around engineering talents is hard. However, if you follow a well-developed strategy and work with a recruiting agency, you can find the right engineers in no time.