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maximum care means total protection

Dr. Ken’s maximum care products are made from unique, patented formulas that pack all the oral care benefits you need into one simple product. You only have to decide on the flavor!

All natural, safe, non-staining green tea extract gently kills germs that cause tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath: over 1500 scientific studies have proven the numerous benefits and effectiveness of green tea. It’s anti-oxidant properties repair damaged tissues in the mouth, strengthening gums and teeth.

Only Dr. Ken’s offers green tea extract in all its dental care products. Our dental flosses are saturated with it within the natural waxes. In our toothpaste gels, combined with fluoride and baking soda, it provides the ultimate protection from tooth decay. In our mouthwashes, combined with Papain, it kills the germs and dissolves the proteins that cause bad breath and together naturally whiten the teeth. In our dental gums, combined with xylitol, it provides powerful antibacterial and whitening benefits.

Dr. Ken’s Toothpaste Protection times three!

Find out how our unique, patented formula provides maximum protection and whitening.

Maximum Care with natural whitening and anti-tartar agents

Dr. Ken’s unique formula provides protection times three: green tea extract safely kills the germs that cause cavities, gingivitis, and bad breath; baking soda neutralizes the acids that destroy tooth enamel; and fluoride gently helps to repair tooth decay. Available in 2 great flavors with or without fluoride: Spearmint Cool and Wintergreen Clean.

Our gentle, natural formula freshens breath and fights the germs that cause bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis. Anti-oxidants aid in cell repair throughout the mouth, strengthening gums and other tissues. Natural Whitening agents found in our great tasting flavors Spearmint Cool and Cinnamon Fresh.

Dr. Ken’s Mouthwash

Discover how Dr. Ken’s formula safely kills germs and revitalizes gums and mouth tissue.

Dr. Ken’s Dental Floss Singles

Individually packaged 18″ single use dental floss allows customers to take care of their mouths wherever and whenever. Convenient and sanitary. Carry one in your wallet or pocket. Choose your personal style of floss.

Three great choices: Unflavored Dental Floss Singles — Soft, gentle nylon floss with tea tree oil, green tea extract and natural beeswax; Fresh Mint Dental Floss Singles — Soft but strong nylon with green tea extract and natural beeswax; Unflavored Dental Gliding Floss Singles — Soft, single-fiber floss glides easily between tight teeth with green tea extract and natural candelilla (vegan plant) wax.

With natural, effective germ-killing green tea extract and xylitol, Dr. Ken’s dental gum is the natural answer to dental health between brushings. The incredible, long-lasting taste super whitens your teeth and freshens your breath! Two great, flavors: Cinnamon Fresh and Spearmint Cool.

Dr. Ken’s Dental Gum

Great-tasting, long lasting Dr. Ken’s dental gum whitens teeth and freshens breath between brushings.

Dr. Ken’s Breathstrips

Totally natural, great-tasting, powerful antibacterial Dr. Ken’s breath strips leaves your breath fresh for hours.

With totally natural, bacteria-killing green tea extract, Dr. Ken’s breath strips are the natural and gentle way to long-lasting fresh breath. In three great flavors: peppermint cool, cinnamon fresh, and sweet anise.

Dr.Ken’s Dental Travel Kit combines our great tasting Maximum Care Spearmint Fl-Free Toothpaste, Maximum Care Spearmint Mouthwash, Dental Gliding Floss Singles with: The best travel toothbrush! The handle extends to full length and locks open, providing same reach to mouth areas as a standard toothbrush. The premium bristles are end-rounded for delicate gum tissue. The user-friendliest tongue cleaner! Effectively remove the harmful bad breath causing bacteria, plaque, and food particles on the back of your tongue with our reusable easy to clean tongue scraper.

Dr. Ken’s Travel Kit

Take Dr. Ken on the road, to school or to work with this handy kit.

Dr. Ken Nussen

With over 20 years as one of southern California’s most respected dental clinicians and researchers, Dr. Ken is a leading expert in effective natural dental care. All this expertise comes down to one thing: the best possible dental care using safe, natural, and effective means.

with the magic of green tea extract